CLOWN AND MASK at Emerson College - Forest Row
Sunday 9 to Saturday 15 August 2009

Through masks, we can explore and deepen our connection to those archetypal forces, myths, stories and images that profoundly influence and shape our lives.

What is the clown's relationship to these archetypes? And what of the clown's own mask – the red nose? Jacques Lecoq called it the smallest mask in the world and as actors we need to befriend this mask (even if clowns can do without it). This workshop invites you to look more closely at the power of the mask by exploring its working with one of the foremost exponents and practitioners of this art form – Michael Chase. We will explore
different masks (neutral – larval – Commedia) as well as different cultural traditions (Bali etc.).

In confronting ourselves with masks, we are guided and informed by what archetypes they connect us to and by how we can make peace or war with the forces they reveal within us. It is our relationship to the masks we wear and not necessarily by our mastery over them that informs our work. Whether we choose to be at one with what they reveal of our nature "or in noble and ennobling conflict with it"*, the clown dances
lightly from one to the other - bending to its constraints one moment and recklessly free the next.

*from "Going Sane" by Adam Philips

This workshop is for both beginners and experienced clowns.

The group is limited to 12

Facilitators: Michael Chase + Vivian Gladwell

Michael Chase is Festival Director of the International Mask Festival. He is
artistic director of the Glasshouse Art Centre and heads up the performing
Arts department at the Glasshouse College. Michael has 28 years in the
field of masks working as a maker, teacher, actor and director nationally
and internationally.

Tuition £375, Accommodation £96, All meals £96 (Camping £42, Lunches Only £45)

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