CLOWN AND VOICE - Roy Hart - Cevennes, FRANCE
Saturday 13 to Wednesday 17 April 2013

The clown is a hyper emotional being and our voice is an important tool towards grounding and deepening our clown's emotional life. It gives substance and weight to our presence and our imagination.

David Goldsworthy is a true master teacher in this field will unblock and release the potential of your voice and enable you to become more effective and present on stage.

Tis workshop is set in the beautiful region of the Cevennes, north of Montpellier. We can send you more info and travel advice.

The group is limited to 12

Facilitators: David Goldsworthy + Vivian Gladwell

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Course fee: 495 EUROS - Tuition and membership

The group is limited to 12

Accommodation: 25 EUROS/night

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