Potsdam, Germany
Saturday 23 to Thursday 28 March 2013

Clowning is the art of making mistakes and there is an art to paying attention to the unexpected, to accidents and those unintended things we do. Sometimes our striving for perfection blinds us to what the world is trying to tell us. Great wisdom can be found in making peace with our shadows and our shortcomings and clowning celebrates all our humanity even those part of it we are desperately trying not to be.

This level III course brings a fresh new way of looking at impros by focusing on the many strategies we use for avoiding mistakes. The course gives a greater focus on theatrical and improvisational techniques and will feel very different from previous levels. For example, impros are repeated to bring actors to work in less familiar and/or comfortable areas.

Level 3 moves the work one step closer to performance and is an ideal preliminary to Towards Performance and/or Social Clowning.

The group is limited to 12

Facilitators: Vivian Gladwell + Catherine Bryden

Course fee: 350 EUROS - Tuition only

To book: 60 EUROS non-returnable deposit secures your place.

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Kurssprache: English/German
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