An exploration of the relationship between poetry, comedy and creativity

Emerson Village, Forest Row
Sunday 13 to Friday 18 November 2011

We rarely give ourselves permission to break free from the “way things are”. It’s safer not to break the rules. But our usual way of thinking imprisons our souls. So, how do I think the world differently? What if instead it is the world who thinks me?

This course has at its heart a simple question Paul Matthews asked me. “Can one teach this way of looking at the world”? My answer was “Yes and you are doing it”

Paul’s work and the clowning share a way of thinking that invites me to turn my world upside down playfully and lightly. It’s absurd, funny, poetic, deep and emotional. I feel alive.

Creative writing invites me to un-know myself so I might better meet the other. When I suspend judgments of what is right and wrong, then things begin to speak to me and I create. It does not make sense just yet, but the world has turned on its head.

As MC Richards says “Poetry often enters through the window of irrelevance.”

Facilitators: Paul Matthews and Vivian Gladwell

To book: £120 non-returnable deposit secures your place.

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Course fee:
£375 - course fee
£170 - Single room accommodation, 3 meals and tea/coffee
£134 - Single room accommodation + breakfast only
£110 - non-residential and all meals
£77 - non-residential and lunches only

The group is limited to 12

Venue: Emerson Village, Forest Row, East Sussex

Date and times:
The course begins Sunday - after supper - 19h30
Ends Friday - after lunch - 14h30

Please note

You will receive a reduction, if you do this course as part of the two-year clown training.
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