A Clowning Workshop For Valentine’s Day
Saturday February 15, 2014

10 am-5 pm
Location TBA

Love is a powerful emotion, not least of all for a clown!

And when it comes to love, we are all clowns.

Whether you’re in or out of love, come with your sweet heart or the heart on your sleeve. Join us as we meet, nose on, the ups and downs of romance and relationship. With the aid of your very own personal wise clown within, we’ll take the sting out of Cupid’s bow, put laughter and levity into it, and send you off with time for that romantic dinner.
It’s not about clown routines, tricks or gags. No acting or clowning experience needed. You’re invited on a safe personal journey that lets our challenges become opportunities, our mistakes celebrations, and our confusions states of enlightenment. In clowning we delight in life’s paradoxes. We breathe, let go, stop resisting and happily live haplessly ever after. Come share a day of playful, pure heart intelligence!
Laura Geilen is a facilitator with Nose to Nose of North America and has been leading transformational clowning workshops for adults since 2007.

For more information contact laura@nosetonose.info