An Introduction to Clowning
with Vivian Gladwell and Sarah French
November 13-17, 2013

Gloucester, MA

Clowning invites us to overcome concerns and fears that block us from being in the here and now. Our approach is not about gags, tricks, or routines.

The word “courage” comes from a root that means “heart.” By being simple, playful, and naive, “clown” connects us to courage of the heart, which allows us to embrace our vulnerabilities. Paradoxically, it's in being vulnerable that we discover new margins of freedom in relationship to others and ourselves.

The search for freedom takes us to the heart of clowning.

This course establishes the foundation for all our work and is an essential first step before going on to more advanced courses such as Social Clowning and the Facilitators Training.

No experience of theater or clowning is required.

Course fee - $525.

Class size is limited to 12. Please register early.

For more information about the course, and to register, please contact Sarah at

Deposit - $180

Times: This course begins Wednesday at 9.30 and ends Sunday at 14.00
Each day will be from 9:30 to 5:30

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Vivian Gladwell

is a modern-day jester and the founder of Nose to Nose, which holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity. He lives in France and England and has given hundreds of workshops around the world. Browse this website for interviews and articles about the Nose to Nose approach to clowning.


Sarah French

has practiced clowning around the world with Jef Johnson, Julie Goell, and Vivian Gladwell. She recently finished “A Mystery You,” a meditation on the impossibility of separation which is she is adapting for performance. She was a practicing psychotherapist before turning, with relief and joy, to this paradoxical world. While she no longer practices psychotherapy, she embraces clowning as a related, if different invitation to celebrate full being. She holds an MSW from New York University and lives in Brooklyn, NY.