Exploring language & silence
a 5-day introductory course in clowning

April 15-19, 2014 - New York, NY

with Vivian Gladwell and Sarah French

What do language and silence teach us about clowning?

Like the clown’s nose, language can both reveal and mask us. While silence may enhance the poetry of our physical presence, it can also inspire misunderstanding.

Together we will navigate the paradoxical spaces between silent and spoken understanding, ultimately returning to the puzzle of ourselves, and an endless search for freedom.

This course is open to both beginners and non-beginners. It may be of special interest to writers, poets, teachers, therapists, actors, and anyone who hopes to discover more about the role of play in their lives.

This course establishes the foundation for all our work and is an essential first step before going on to more advanced courses such as Social Clowning and the Facilitators Training.

No experience of theater or clowning is required.