An Introduction to Clowning
with Vivian Gladwell and Sarah French
November 18- 23, 2014

Great Barrington, MA

"Courage" comes from a root that means "heart."

As a state of playfulness, clowning invites us to explore fears and concerns that stop us from being in the here and now.

Do you feel a bit off balance?
Do you bump into yourself?
Do you feel a little silly?

This is the path of Clown.

When we “let go” enough to re-connect to our playful spirits, Clown is there to celebrate.

Clowning gives us courage by inviting us to be our simple, naïve, and vulnerable selves.

Expect to embark on a personal journey toward discovering your unique way of being clown, through an engagement of curiosity, openness, listening, and trust.

No previous experience of theater or clowning is required. Those experienced in acting and clown are also welcome to connect to the here and now of this approach.

This course establishes the foundation for all our work. It is an essential first step before going on to more advanced courses such as Social Clowning and the Facilitators Training.