BREAKING RULES - A Clowning Workshop

March 6-8, 2015

with Vivian Gladwell & Sarah French

The Bushwick Star, Brooklyn

Wherever we hold back or censor ourselves, we touch something of the comic (or the tragic) within us. We become "too much", eccentric, or strange. We do not fit. We are outside the norm.

Yet strangely in being "too much," we access a certain wisdom about what it means to be human. As Adam Phillips writes in his book On Balance, "Perhaps as part of growing up we need to be excessive – to try to break all the rules just to be able to find out what, if anything, the rules are made of, and why they matter."

Welcome to the world of clowning - an invitation to playfully explore the art of breaking rules.

This clown does not use tricks, gags, or routines, but a willingness to be present to what is alive inside her.

It is this willingness that turns the world upside-down.

Clowns & actors, along with everyone else, are invited to experience the here and now of this approach.

I wish the workshop had been two weeks.”
E. S. from Brookline, MA - November 2013