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PLAY AS A PATH TO CHANGE – An Introduction to Clowning

PLAY AS A PATH TO CHANGE – An Introduction to Clowning
Friday November 01, 2019 - Sunday November 03, 2019

with Kristin Crowley and Vivian Gladwell (Founder of Nose to Nose)

Port Townsend, WA

“When you are a Bear of Very Little Brain, and you Think of Things, you find sometimes that a Thing which seemed very Thingish inside you is quite different when it gets out into the open and has other people looking at it.”

A.A. Milne, Winnie-the-Pooh

Clowning is a state of openness that allows us to experience a child-like, naive, and vulnerable state of being. Paradoxically, we grow, learn, and are strengthened through playfully reconnecting with what makes us most vulnerable.

This approach to clowning is not a technique (tricks, gags, or routines), but a personal journey towards finding one’s unique way of being a clown through listening and becoming receptive – essential skills for any creative and imaginative expression. It is only when we surrender our control over things that we can begin to be surprised and inspired by the depth of what reveals itself to us.

Suitable for those new to clowning as well as for those who have had some previous experience of clowning, this workshop offers a weekend of tenderness, playfulness, and letting go!

Friday Nov 1 – 6pm to 9pm; Saturday Nov 2 – 9:30am to 5:30pm; Sunday Nov 3 – 9:30am to 2pm

Port Townsend, WA


For more information on the workshop please write to kristin@nosetonose.info

$250 including a deposit of $80 to hold a place in the workshop. 

Vivian Gladwell


Vivian is the founder and director of Nose to Nose and has given hundreds of workshops around the world. He lives both in the UK and France where he started clowning in 1978. He speaks French and English fluently.

Vivian began teaching in 1988 as part of the Lifeways Festival at Emerson College – UK. He trained as a facilitator with the Bataclown in 1990 and joined their team in 1991 also working as a modern day Court Jester (Clownanalyst).

He created Nose to Nose UK in 1990, Nose to Nose of North America in 2006, Nose to Nose Germany in 2008, NTN Italy in 2016 and Fool View, the Social Clowning group and has trained facilitators in the UK, the USA, Germany and Italy – view history.
He continues his role as ambassador for the work by researching the applications of clowning in the context of teacher training, medicine, conflict management, ecology and intercultural work in many countries (South Africa, USA, Senegal, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Norway…)

He holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity.

Kristin Spaeth Crowley

KristinKristin did not come to clowning by choice, but was forced into it by wiser others who knew where she belonged. Her work as a clown and facilitator led to the fumbling discovery and recovery of a language she knows inwardly, loves, and could have lost. Her
specialities include weeping, falling in love, making mischief, and the invisible. She is grateful for the inspiration and example of those brilliant, talented generous people she has been privileged to work with or been touched by – artists, musicians, athletes, educators, poets, seekers, thinkers, healers, and other “ordinary” fearful and courageous spirits willing to risk and dare. She is amazed and astonished by her family, her parents and siblings, her children, and those she has claimed unjustly as her own, by those braver than she, facing the ordinary challenges connected with being alive, and by forgiveness. She is interested in presences and possibilities. She is informed by life and living, by beauty, ugliness, music, laughter, poetry, nature, stillness, cruelty, and compassion, by brave souls and tender hearts by the struggle to realize the impulse that initiated a wish to be, and by the work she has to do. The mistakes she makes: the limitations she must overcome, the struggles she faces in being and becoming, the gifts she has been given, and her sense of wonder, reverence, and gratitude inform and guide her in her work with others. She works with individuals, companies, institutions, agencies, and organizations. She still struggles and falls down.