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ONLINE CLOWN 3 – The Wisdom of Imperfection

ONLINE CLOWN 3 – The Wisdom of Imperfection
Tuesday July 28, 2020 - Tuesday August 04, 2020

ONLINE CLOWN 3 – The Wisdom of Imperfection

Tuesday July 28, 2020 – Tuesday August 04, 2020 

With Angie Foster and Vivian Gladwell (Founder of Nose to Nose)

28 July 2020  to  4 August 202


Clowning is the art of making mistakes and there is an art to paying attention to the unexpected, to accidents and those unintended things we do. Sometimes our striving for perfection deafens us to what the world is trying to tell us and we no longer hear the silences and what lives in them. Great wisdom can be found in making peace with our shadows and our shortcomings and clowning celebrates all our humanity, even those parts of it we are desperately trying not to be.

This level 3 course brings a fresh new way of looking at impros by focusing on the many strategies we use for avoiding mistakes. The course gives a greater focus on theatrical and improvisational techniques and will feel very different from previous levels. For example, impros are repeated which gives a chance to explore multiple possibilities that live in each moment.  It also affords a chance to work in less familiar and/or comfortable areas.

Clown 3 is a wonderful opportunity to explore and deepen your personal work on your clown with courage and play and continuing to make discoveries.

Clown 3 moves the work one step closer to performance and is an ideal preliminary for Social Clowning or other performance related work.

Clown 3 begins Tuesday, July 28th.  Ends on Tuesday, August 4th 

Day Date Activity
Tuesday July 28 Working day***
Wednesday July 29 Working day***
Thursday July 30 Reflection
Friday July 31 Working day***
Saturday August 1 Working day***
Sunday August 2 Reflection
Monday August 3 Working day***
Tuesday August 4 Working day***


Each working day consists of two 1 ½ hour sessions with a 30 minute break between sessions  followed by a third reflective or collaborative session alone or with peers each day. 

Each two day working block will be followed by a day of contemplative reflection, further collaboration, or other personal work for a total of 8 days. 

*** Times for each working day
12pm – 3:30pm EST (US East Coast) 
9am – 12:30pm PDT (US West Coast)
5pm – 8:30pm (UK) 
6pm – 9:30pm (Europe) 

These times for each day will be followed by an additional 1-2 hours of individual or collaborative reflection or activity prior to  beginning the next working day sessions.

Participation in Online Clown 3 will also include an invitation to join a LIVE online Clowning Celebration September 25th – 27th. Joining this Celebration is optional and not a requirement.

Clowning Celebration September 25th, 26th, 27th (More details to follow)

Saturday September 26th 3pm – 5pm

Sunday September 27th 3pm – 4:30pm

Prerequisites: Previous experience of our work is required.

Course Fee: $350 ($300 per course if enrolled in both Online Clown 3 and Online Social Clowning)  which can be paid in one single payment OR in monthly installments over a 3 month period.


For more information on the workshop please write to angie@nosetonose.info

Vivian Gladwell


Vivian is the founder and director of Nose to Nose and has given hundreds of workshops around the world. He lives both in the UK and France where he started clowning in 1978. He speaks French and English fluently.

Vivian began teaching in 1988 as part of the Lifeways Festival at Emerson College – UK. He trained as a facilitator with the Bataclown in 1990 and joined their team in 1991 also working as a modern day Court Jester (Clownanalyst).

He created Nose to Nose UK in 1990, Nose to Nose of North America in 2006, Nose to Nose Germany in 2008, NTN Italy in 2016 and Fool View, the Social Clowning group and has trained facilitators in the UK, the USA, Germany and Italy – view history.

He continues his role as ambassador for the work by researching the applications of clowning in the context of teacher training, medicine, conflict management, ecology and intercultural work in many countries (South Africa, USA, Senegal, Vietnam, India, Malaysia, Italy, Germany, Norway…)

He holds clowning as a social playground for exploring our humanity.

Angie Foster

Angie Foster is a clowning facilitator, actress, director, and teacher.  She trained with Vivian Gladwell and is on the team of Nose to Nose of North America.  She has facilitated clowning workshops in the Philadelphia area and at the Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California as well as Threefold Education Center in New York and elsewhere in the U.S.  Angie brings Social Clowning to different locations and conferences.  She also works with faculties, institutions, organizations, and privately. As an actress she has performed on Broadway, off-Broadway, and in repertory theatres.  She has been teaching Drama and directing plays at Kimberton Waldorf School for 20 years.  This form of clowning combines her passion for improvisation and theatre, her quest for what it is to be human, and the discovery of freedom through play.