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Holding Ourselves A-Clown-able

Holding Ourselves A-Clown-able
Sunday February 24, 2019

Holding Ourselves “A-CLOWN-ABLE” 

Clowning as Radical Self-Acceptance and a Doorway to Greater Joy

A one day workshop

Let’s face it. Sometimes we just can’t keep all the ball in the air…

Clowning is about the freedom that comes from a state of total, unconditional acceptance of our most authentic selves, warts, scars, fumblings and all. It offers us respite from our self- doubts and fears, and opens the door to freedom and joy. And the best part is, we are all already our clowns. They are here inside us, waiting for us to recognize them so that they can come out and play.

Through movement and games, entrances and exits, being and reflecting we will explore what happens when we let go of reason and judgment and embrace the unknown, the present moment, the illogical, and the absurd.*

Sundays February 24 and March 24, 2019


$75 per person, per Sunday

Facilitator: Laura Geilen

Space is limited – registration required.

Go to www.berkcirque.com

or contact laura@nosetonose.info

115 Gas House Lane, Great Barrington, MA www.berkcirque.com


*Caution: Clowning may be habit forming. Side effects may include joy, self-discovery, liberation and laughter.



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