Redeeming the Fool and the Court Jester

Friday 20 June to Thursday 26 Jun 2008

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This week offers a practical exploration of the clown's take on personal, social and political issues.

From the third day onwards, you will be practising those skills in real life situations within meetings, conferences or during visits to different businesses and institutions - just you and your clown in front of your hosts.

The course is intense and invites you to explore rules around transgression and its limits. What is the right way for a clown to reflect, comment and play with the issues and problems they perceive in the world? Unlike the buffoon (a close cousin of the clown but with an attitude problem), the clown transgresses to reclaim and celebrate life's paradoxes. By fearlessly juggling with social, symbolic and archetypal references, the clown stumbles on and exposes those lies and truths others dare not or cannot speak out.

The ridiculous mirror image (of ourselves and of the world) that the clown offers us puts the human heart back at the very centre of our institutions. In parodying the games of knowledge, power, truth and religion, we reveal not only the light and the shadows of our world but also affirm and celebrate our humanity.

Chris Seeley is an educator on the MSc in Responsibility and Business Practice at the University of Bath and has a thriving sustainability and action research practice. Based in Gloucestershire, she also works for international agencies on business development in Ghana, Nepal, India, Sri Lanka and Vietnam.

The group is limited to 12

Facilitator: Vivian Gladwell + Chris Seeley

Venue: Emerson College, Forest Row, East Sussex, RH18 5 JX

Tuition: £325.00

Accommodation: £96.00 All meals: £96.00 Lunches only: £45

Starts Friday at 14h30
Ends Wednesday at 12h30