A course with Nicanor Perlas - Right Livelihood Award 2003
Monday 15 to Friday 19 December 2008

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How do we bring change? How do we support and nurture the forces for change in ourselves and in others?

Nicanor Perlas' work since the 1980s offers not only a philosophy but a playful and interactive method for exploring initiatives in our lives and in the world. The course looks at how, as individuals, we carry change for the future in our daily actions.

This course offers:

  • new ways of understanding and practicing
    Social Activism
  • enquiry through an experiential approach

The Fool (or clown archetype) will be introduced by Vivian Gladwell and Chris Seeley
of Nose to Nose. This light and playful introduction aims to explore key issues around
rule-breaking, naivety and subversive play.

Course facilitators:
Nicanor Perlas, Dr Chris Seeley and Vivian Gladwell

Nicanor Perlas
Nicanor Perlas is Co-Founder and Co-Spokesperson of PAG-ASA, a national spiritual-cultural movement active in creating a better Philippines. He is former Chairman of the Board of Directors, Lifebank, Rural Bank, and a Board Director of Lifebank Foundation which together are involved in supporting the initiatives of over 145,000 micro-entrepreneurs. He has written over 200 articles, editorials, monographs and books on a range of topics including spiritual science, globalization, social threefolding and large-scale societal transformation. He has received many national and global awards in recognition for the impact of his work, including the 2003 Right Livelihood Award, also known as the Alternative Nobel Prize.

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Dr Chris Seeley
My work began in corporate design, I moved (via Masters' degrees in Marketing and Responsibility and Business Practice), to business consultancy, action research, enterprise culture and sustainability. I then came to weave arts-based practice back into the mainstream of my work. My involvement with sustainability issues brought to the fore the need for our species, to come to know the world in many different ways - including "presentational knowing" or arts-based practice. Increasingly, I have worked in the visual arts, improvisation, storytelling, clowning and forum theatre in my educational, business and development work (in Ghana, Viet Nam, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka) I am a Visiting Fellow at the Centre for Action Research in Professional Practice, and my consultancy work is deeply informed by and concerned with action research processes. This interweaving of my concerns was articulated in my unconventional 2006 PhD - "Wild Margins: Playing at work and life" which explores the overlapping relationship between purposeful work and the arts, and arts-based practice (especially clowning) which holds intentions around sustainability issues.
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For article - The Fool and the Great Turning

Vivian Gladwell
Founding member of Nose to Nose and Fool View, the social clowning group, Vivian Gladwell trained in France with the Bataclown working as a modern day Court Jester and teaching clowning internationally since 1988. He taught English at the University of Social Sciences in Toulouse for 16 years.

His research into the applications of clowning to training teachers, doctors and carers regularly takes him to:
· Emerson College, Forest Row, UK
· Blackthorn Medical Centre, Maidstone, UK,
· Pedagogik Institute in Witten Annen, Germany
· Perceval Foundation, in Switzerland.

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Tuition, accommodation and meals:£480 for single, £440 shared
Tuition and meals: £370 non-resident

Starts Monday afternoon - Arrival and registration 4-6pm - Course begins after supper
Ends Friday afternoon after lunch

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