SERIOUS CLOWNING - Interview with Dr David McGavin

A conversation with Dr David McGavin around anthroposophy, medicine and clowning. Interview published in Autumn 2004 in the anthroposophical magazine New View.

Dr. David McGavin is a GP at the Blackthorn Medical Centre in Maidstone, Kent. The Centre specialises in chronic illness and aims to help patients actively engage with their illness as a means of selfdevelopment, drawing on the resources of Anthroposophical medicine as well as conventional therapies. The Centre was joint winner of the 2001 Prince of Wales's Foundation for Integrated Medicine Integrated Healthcare Award. Approx. 3200 words


For me, clowning is an everyday reality. What we are dealing with in clowning is profound. I don’t see it as performance. It is about how I bring myself into a situation which calls for me to be there and to help it happen. I am only facilitating something. You don’t have to call it clowning. I am learning how to find and draw forth from a situation something which is of a magical quality because I am in a condition worthy of its reception. This is why I love my job because I know this quality is always just round the corner.

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